Friday, February 19, 2010

Iron, Satin, and Organza

I know. It's like I haven't been doing anything at all, right? WRONG. I have been busy. And producing RESULTS. And clawing my way out of my creative slump. And breaking all my nails.

I love you so much, Art. Why don't you love me back?

Unfortunately, after I finished working on my old laptop this morning, I noticed that Windows had installed an update that required a restart. So I did. And what did I get? The BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. And nothing I do can revive my computer currently--my last plan of action requires the OS installation CD, which I don't have, so I'm stuck without Photoshop (*insert shrieks of horror*) because my new computer, lovely though she is, doesn't yet have it. So for the meantime my photos will suck, because I rely soley on Photoshop Curves to make up for the truly horrendous lighting in my dorm room.

First on the list, my week 1 Subculture Lab project. Task: design an entrance to a world of imagination. Here's my take.

DSC_0519 by you.

Yyyyyup. Doesn't look like much, but it took me a good 7 hours.

So, let's talk hats. Or rather, headpieces. Because that is my first task for my 3D class--design and construct a hat/headpiece. There's more to it involving philosophy and dichotomy, but we'll bypass that for now and focus on the hat part.

As I've never designed a hat before, some inspiration was in order. One treasure trove I found was Pretty Good Things, by the very talented Maria Pattinova. Specializing in hats, headbands, hair combs, and "fascinators", Maria's designs are truly awesome. As such, I want her Raincloud and Bloop fascinators very, very badly. Anyone?

Anyway, this is supposed to be about my own work, so here it is. Sort of. Parts of it, anyway. You can't see the whole thing yet. It's not ready.

Guess what this is going to be...

DSC_0549 by you.

Layers of stacked polyester batting? A compass? A SATIN CIRCLE??

*dramatic music!*

DSC_0550 by you.

*anticlimactic music*

It's...a cushion. I promise it will be a hat in the end, Professor. Or at least involve the head in some way.

The back is secured like so...
DSC_0551 by you.

Sort of like a Chinese dumpling. Except not really.

This is the rest of it.

DSC_0552 by you.

It's a secret how everything goes together. That means I don't know yet.

But don't'll all work out in the end. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Random foolishness: In an attempt to look cool in James Lillis' badass leggings, I failed. I am lame. And a sucky photographer.

bm1 by you.

bm2 by you.
Why am I so awkwaaaaaaard.

Hey, you can sort of see my half-completed headpiece in those. Oops.

P.S. Those stilettos I'm wearing? 5" high, and the best $15 I ever spent. Would you believe me if I told you they were my most comfortable heels?

Ta ta for now.