Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sun Faded

I'm really not a fan of flip-flop stye shoes, I feel uncomfortable wearing any sort of loose shoe out of doors--I prefer something firmly attached to my foot. Pretty much the only time I ever do is if I'm just running out to pick up something from the drugstore or a forgotten dinner ingredient.

E&You ivory Sweater
Forever21 white racerback tank top
Forever21 pale pink shorts
Deena & Ozzy Multi-Strap Wedge Sandal

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Opening Fall

My outfit for an IKEA run--breezy top and comfy flats.

Everyone in the world has IKEA furniture, but I don't think popularity always signifies a bad thing despite the trendy thing right now is small companies, local farms, and indie brands. I like IKEA's simple, sleek styles and some of their designs are actually pretty clever. Until I can afford my more expensive love, MUJI, I will be sticking with IKEA.

White tiered spaghetti-strap dress
Neue grey open back T-shirt with silver stars
Gomax Days 01 black suede pointy toe flats