Monday, October 14, 2013


Surely I'm not the only one who, especially since the advent of blogs and Pinterest, found myself in envy of the apparently charmed lives of others. I'd like to do tons of cute DIY projects, make adorably photogenic meals, and sit down in my picture-perfect apartment too! Even knowing that what is portrayed in blogs may simply be a facade of arranged and rare photo-ready moments in someone's life doesn't stop me from yearning for it, since my daily life is so chaotic. Maybe I'll get there someday? For now, a few October buys to prettify my life...

001. This bunny pencil pouch by concept shop Typo is too cute for a life of being tossed into the bottom of my school bag! It'll have a nice life on a shelf holding my makeup tools.

002. A is a huge fan of this cheeky scarf with its lone black sheep, and likes to prance around our studio with it tossed dramatically over his shoulder. Its pretty turquoise shade is a fresh accent to my cream, blush, and black wardrobe.

003. I'll be relying on this icy pink highlighter to impart an effervescent glow to my insomnia-ridden cheeks.

004. I confess, I'm not the best at remembering to apply sunscreen before going out every day, and even the Neutrogena Dry Touch makes my usually manageable skin incredibly greasy. Cilu over at Spaz & Squee recommended this Japanese sunscreen for its lightweight texture and absorbency, so I have high hopes!

005. I've had this kitschy cute hair clip by Nerdy Little Secrets in my Etsy wishlist for a while, and finally decided to buy it on the last day of their 15% off code! Of course no sooner than I did, did they decide to lower the price...oh well.

006. Korean Brand Holika Holika has always drawn my attention for its pretty packaging; I've bought several new skincare products recently so hopefully I'll have a review of this up soon!

007. I love low-back dresses so it's no surprise that I jumped on this cute AE babydoll when it reduced in price for a short while. It was hard deciding between black and ivory but I went with the ivory in the end since I've been gravitating toward lighter colors lately.

008. I fell in love with this unique printed coat by indie designer Effie's Heart at first sight! Finally I bit the bullet and bought it right before it sold out.

It's not good to dream too much, but I'm enjoying a little time with my feet off the ground...

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