Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Monday!

Hello lovelies! So with the advent of the Internet, customary Black Friday sales have since bled over into all-or-nothing all-weekend Cyber Monday sales, and for many of us it's not uncommon to come out with our wallets and bank accounts significantly lighter.

I've been pretty frugal in the past years so this was the first time I went a little crazy! It's just once every 365 days right...and the discounts are pretty great. Here are the highlights of my haul!

001. I'll be wrapping my holiday gifts with this cute printed paper and some pink ribbon.

002. These pretty pearl-studded hairpins are the perfect finishing touch when I'm feeling extra dainty.

003. I found this 3x5 graphic zigzag rug to go under my desk at a steal for $20 during the UO Cyber Monday sale.

004. I actually missed the 20% off Anthro Black Friday sale so I wound up paying full price for this...but it's the softest, prettiest lavender-pink shade ever and I have no regrets.

005. I've been eyeing this cute velvet pillow to accent my chair for months but had trouble justifying it because it was slightly pricey. My patience was rewarded when it dropped to $19 for Cyber Monday!

006. As an insect lover, I fell in love with these statement earrings when I first saw the version done by Manhattan jeweler Erica Weiner, but felt the price was a little steep for me at $30. So naturally I was thrilled to discover Etsy seller Nuit Moore selling an identical pair for much less!

007. With the amount of tools and supplies I'm lugging around on a daily basis, I'm always in need of more things to carry them all in. This sweet and quirky bunny tote is perfect for transporting yards of fabric and my bin of sewing implements.

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