Saturday, May 25, 2013

Confessions of an Online Shopper

Okay, so it's terrible, but...since I spend quite a bit of time browsing the Internet, unsurprisingly I come across quite a number of "pretties" and all this cool shit that I want. I'm not immune to the charms of materialism...however, I actually rarely make immediate purchases, which is significant in terms of cutting down my impulse buys. Let me divulge to you how I cope with my shopping urges: I save the links to all these things in a folder on my browser, and periodically open them to look at them and ponder if I still want that item. Sometimes my desire for a particular thing wanes, and then I can delete that item from my folder, or perhaps it will be sold out or discontinued, in which case I alternately feel satisfied (because I can no longer spend my hard-earned money on that item) and sad (because if I *really* wanted it and it was expensive and I was just holding out on it...damn).

Eventually though my list boils down to a number of items that have been on there for months, and if they're in my affordability range, or otherwise something else triggers me like it suddenly goes on sale...well, it's time for a shopping spree. The great thing is that I don't feel super guilty (just a little...) about it, since I've "proven" to myself that I genuinely like and want those items, and am not just buying it because I felt a bit sad and wanted to shop to make myself feel better.

I confess an extreme weakness for the China-based sellers that hawk their mass-produced, flimsy garments on Ebay. All the sellers seem to share a similar stock of merchandise, so it's easy to compare prices and color options (size often not being an option as they are more often than not one-size-fits-all!).

As of now, I still have a couple things I have in mind that I want to round on my spring/summer wardrobe (blush ballet flats...), but with this recent haul I'm hoping I won't be needing to make any more big shopping expeditions for a while.

001. I stumbled upon this confection of a dress on, but upon reading that the site was based in China, got the bright idea to search Ebay for the same dress at a better price..."Deer print dress" revealed, TA-DAAA! Indeed, several sellers carried the dress, in two colorways, no less--you can also get it in navy blue.

002. I also have been searching for a pair of good flat summer sandals for a while, and finally found these two-tone metallic ones by Lucky in Nigori Rose. Always curious about interesting product naming, I searched "Nigori" to discover that it is a term used to describe sake (Japanese rice wine) when the sake is unfiltered and cloudy.

003. An unabashed knockoff of Urban Outfitters exclusive brand Truly Madly Deeply's skull-back shirt...I thought it was the coolest thing ever, but it was like $40 and I was all "LOLNOPE".

004. I currently have a teal and gold ziparound checkbook wallet, which is gorgeous but a bit large, especially since now that I'm out of class and will no longer be toting around huge bags. This smaller one by Kimchi Blue is much more convenient and the delicate blush-pink is one of my favorite colors.

005. This top comes in 7 colors and I wanted ALL THE COLORS but I contented myself with just the white one, for now.

006. I've been craving colors that deviate from my usual palette of blush, white, and black amethyst and mustard. I've been sewing up a sunny, golden-yellow sundress, but this satiny drop-waist minidress by Silence & Noise is great for a lazy day.

And that concludes my Spring Haul :D

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