Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Home is Where My Butt is

For a lot of people, living in New York City means subjecting yourself to moving every year when your lease is up, always in search of that elusive, perfect One--the apartment that doesn't leak, or have rats, cockroaches, or bedbugs, or a crazy neighbor or a landlord that raises the rent by a couple hundred above your budget.

This year I moved in with A, and we found a sunny studio apartment in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. We haven't quite got around to setting it in order yet, partially because our moving date was inconveniently right during my finals week, but also because we haven't yet managed to make our long-planned trip to IKEA for new furniture (we're planning on getting a loft bed to make room for a bookshelf and desk for my workspace).

A and I have very different views on interior decorating; A's style is decidedly, er, masculine--before I moved in, everything in his apartment were shades of black and brown, with a whopping great black leather couch and not a spot of color anywhere. On the other hand, I have an inclination for light natural wood and pale colors. Luckily, while I have to restrain myself from adorning the walls with pastel bunting and fairylights, my own little nook and the kitchen are free game to my whimsy.

I've sworn off buying anything for the apartment until we get the furniture sorted out and organized all our stuff, so in the meantime I've settle for making wishlists of the things I've found that sparked my imagination.

001. I love to spread butter on my toast--my favorite way to eat it is a layer of salted butter topped with a layer of raspberry jam, or, if I'm in the mood for something savory, a thin scraping of Marmite. This cow-head crock is great for keeping my butter fresh and soft at room temperature.

002. This oven mitt and potholder from Anthro are pricey, but the adorable print and decorative topstitching makes this one of the cutest sets I've ever seen.

003. Omnomnom! This cheeky kitty captured my attention immediately, and the soft wool case would be perfect for my stashing my glasses.

004. I couldn't resist the charm of this pretty little earthenware catchall dish finished with gold leaf and pastel glaze. I'm not quite sure what I'd put in it, but it would be pretty just as decoration on my desk.

005. I love the simple, contemporary design of this quaint cushion, cutesy yet totally without frills. Unfortunately adding in shipping from Scotland, this cushion totals out to be quite a sum, so I'm considering DIYing my own version :)

006. The turquoise color of the RÅSKOG cart alone would have compelled me to buy it; the convenience of a portable storage space (to be rolled under my desk when not in use) makes it perfect for my small apartment. In fact between you and me, I actually already have this one--A bought it for me when he made an IKEA trip on his day off. 

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