Monday, November 5, 2012

Champagne Glitter

The color I'm wearing today is called Mushroom Glitter by NYX. No idea where they got the name, as it's not mushroomy to me at all, but it's a gorgeous shade so I'm willing to overlook it. Mushroom Glitter is actually a very sheer microglitter; if you're really persistent and do 5 coats like me you can get this  foil effect, but at one coat it's for all intents and purposes a microglitter topcoat. Luckily, it has good drytime and an easy-to-work-with formula, so doing  coats isn't as terrible as it might be.

The color is unique from other silver foils in that it's more of a very pale "white gold" (i.e. slightly yellow-toned) rather than straight cool-toned silver, which makes it really flattering to my warm skin. It's also one of the rare non-gritty glitters, probably because the glitter particles are so fine--I'd run out of topcoat when I did this, but even without topcoat it's pretty smooth.

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